Environmental Efforts

Mitigation through the project offers the potential for increased growth in community restoration and preservation. For instance, impacts to wetlands/water bodies/uplands/sensitive areas can be mitigated by purchasing lands for preservation, or enhancing lands that have been impacted by other activities such as clear cutting, or by donations to worthy conservation organizations within the project area.

Other mitigation measure can include donations to local schools to fund environmental activities such as trout in the classroom, or the donation of trees for Arbor Day celebrations. Local communities can benefit from mitigation by receiving money or left over construction materials for the creation of parks, preservations of parks, restoration of local habitats, or the restoration of local culturally important sites. Many of the permitting agencies will require mitigation for impacts to migratory birds or Indiana bats, both of which generally involve the preservation of land. This type of mitigation is generally very beneficial to local communities as the land would be put into a conservation easement.

TGP Right of Way in Londonderry

One final mitigation measure that can be employed along the right of way is to revegetate the right of way with native local plants that increase the ecological benefit of the right of way for insects and other forest animals.

Tennessee Gas will work with all the federal, state, and local governments to develop a comprehensive mitigation plan for the pipeline impacts which can be accomplished in a multitude of ways.